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Texas Corvette Association

P O Box 461129   

San Antonio, TX  78246-1129




Gary served 30 years in the Air Force; then another 14 years in AF civil service.  Since joining TCA in 2014, Gary & Lyn enjoy driving our 2007 Atomic Orange Convertible and our 2015 Shark Gray Stingray Coupe corvettes and participating in TCA activities!  The TCA is a “social club” of terrific people who share a passion for corvettes – and a commitment to our community  through our support of charities in our local area.  As our motto says, “Come for the cars, stay for the people!”  You’ll meet great people and make new friends at TCA Drive & Dines, Parades, Caravans to Bowling Green, Car Shows, and our TCA annual car show.   In addition to TCA activities, Gary is a member of the San Antonio Food Bank, San Antonio Rose Society and enjoys ballroom dancing, woodworking, fishing and gardening.  It is my privilege to serve the 280+ members of TCA on the 2019 leadership team.




Since High School, I have always been passionate about cars and never dreamed of being a Corvette owner. However, my wife (Maureen) and I are happy enthusiast with a 2005 Magnetic Red Metallic C6 and a C7 2014 Crystal Red Stingray. We can attest, through the ownership experience (Fiat, Triumph, Nissan, Infiniti), that a Corvette is the only true Sports Car! We joined TCA 4 1/2 years ago, shortly after my retirement (and our first Corvette purchase). TCA has enhanced my retirement by providing a whole range of fun activities such as car shows, Drive & Dines, parades, caravans (2) to Bowing Green, Ky., our annual car show and other social events with fellow members. More importantly, we have made a lot of friends that share the same passion and interest we have. As an Officer at Large, I would welcome any comments/ suggestions/ideas that you might have regarding our club. It is my pleasure to serve as an Officer/Board Member of the TCA.


My wife Linda and I joined the party late but we have been doing our best to make up for it. Linda has always been the sports car person in the family. Since I was a CPA in public practice for thirty-three years taking clients out, etc., it made more sense for me to drive the family car. That said we never thought we could afford a Corvette until we attended the November, 2013 San Antonio Auto Show where there was a C7 Stingray on display. The stars were aligned so within two weeks we ordered her a night race blue Stingray (sorry Ford). We took delivery the first week of February, 2014 and never looked back. Next on the agenda was the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School in Nevada for new Corvette owners where we met some of the TCA club members also attending (including Tom Marrazi). Shortly after we returned from Nevada we joined the Texas Corvette Association because Linda wanted to learn Corvette detailing from the Master (Tom Marrazi ). We love everything about the club and its members and all that comes with it. For us Corvette is a lifestyle which we hope to enjoy for many years to come.



Watching Route 66 was when Sharon fell in love with Corvettes.  Marrying Bob while attending Texas Tech almost 50 years ago started an adventure in Air Force life traveling the world. Along with supporting Bob as the commander's wife, she had a career in education as a Home Economics/Family & Consumer Science teacher in middle school, a high school Student Success Advisor, and the Coordinator of Nutrition Education for the Little Rock School District.  Along the way she had 3 children and 5 grandchildren.   She enjoys snow skiing, tennis, Zumba, singing and playing guitar, serving in her church, and  all games especially bridge and Tetris. Sharon enjoys driving and taking her two dream cars to car shows:  our red C7 Corvette and her red 1934 Mercedes Benz named Gatsby.  Being apart of TCA is a joy!




In Addition to the primary board members, our club also have Officers-At-Large (OALs).  Our OALs are responsible for notifying members assigned under his/her jurisdiction of all Club events. They also attend the Board of Directors meetings as active participants and represent the members of the Club at these meetings. OALs plan Club activity during their tenure. OALs maintain regular contact with the members under their jurisdiction and encourage participation in Club activities and continued Active membership status in the Club.  For a list of our Officers-At-Large click here.    Officers-At-Large