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Texas Corvette Association

P O Box 461129   

San Antonio, TX  78246-1129


Our OALs are responsible for notifying members assigned under his/her jurisdiction of all Club events. They also attend the Board of Directors meetings as active participants and represent the members of the Club at these meetings. OALs plan Club activity during their tenure. OALs maintain regular contact with the members under their jurisdiction and encourage participation in Club activities and continued Active membership status in the Club.

Janet Hoyo
I was fortunate to have lived in a number of wonderful cities and states and graduated from the American School in London, England as a result of my father being a senior geologist for Mobil Oil. However I have lived in Texas for more than 1/2 my life, so I consider myself a Texan by default .

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, John who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. He grew up in his father's auto repair shop so having car(s) is officially part of his DNA. I formerly was a full time event planner specializing in large and small events for San Antonio, Dallas and Austin. John is working his dream job as a chauffeur being semi retired, so between the both of us we look forward to using our skill sets to contribute to the success of our association.

Bryan Dean


I’m Rick Creekmore, married for 50 years to Cheri. We have two children and five beautiful grandkids. We have a 1964 silver convertible corvette, matching numbers, and a 2011 black convertible 3LT corvette.  Cheri and I love to cruise around town enjoying our vets and the super friends we made in the TCA. Served in the Air Force for 28 years as a financial analyst and personal officer. 


Greg Temple
Debbie and I were married in 1979.  We moved to San Antonio in 1983.  We have two boys that have blessed us with three grandchildren.  I retired from Valero in 2013 and started dabbling in real estate.  Debbie is a practicing dental hygienist and works one day per week.  We are active at Oak Hills Church and in the Valero retiree club.  We love to travel, play with our grandchildren, walk our golden doodle, cheer on the Spurs and drive our corvette.  

We have had a corvette since 2001 but have never owned more than one at a time.  We had a 2001 C5 yellow convertible, a 2007 C6 black ZO6 coupe, a 2014 C7 blue Z51 coupe that we picked up at the NCM, a 2016 C7 red Z51 convertible, and currently a 2019 C7 red Grand Sport coupe.  The only daily driver was the 2001.  Only two have been purchased new, the 2014 and 2019, but none of the others had more than 4000 miles on them.  We joined TCA in December 2018 and are enjoying meeting fellow corvette enthusiasts.


I bought my first Corvette when I was 21 years old and have owned one almost continuously for over 40 years.  I like to drive them like they were designed to be driven. A few nicks and high mileage tells me the owner has really enjoyed the car.  I’ve been active with the Big Bend Open Road Race for nearly 20 years. While that event is not for everyone, it’s just one of many great activities the TCA is active in. I’ve met my best friends here. Great people!


I’ve known and loved Corvettes for a long time but my guardian insurance man built the fear of huge premiums into me early. It wasn’t until I met Kathleen and we shared a love for Corvettes that the subject ever came up. Since she wouldn’t get on a Harley with me, the compromise was a Corvette. We purchased our Spiral Gray 2004 in June of that year with just 5 miles on it.

Since then, we have over 130,000 miles on “Syd”.  We have gone cross country twice and lots of trips in between with our Corvette friends. We’ve done rallies, autocross, Bowling Green, Willow Springs track days, Big Bend and more than one car show. We’ve met some pretty cool people along the way. A great car to meet great people with.

John Dewey
As a life-long enthusiast for all things automotive, I engaged in sports car rallies and drag racing, and attended sports car races at Mid-Ohio while I was in high school. I met my wife, Beth, in New Mexico while serving in the Air Force. At the time I was driving a ’68 Camaro I had modified with flared fenders, Corvette side exhaust & a 301ci solid lifter SBC with 11.5:1 compression.

She still says she didn’t know I liked cars when we got married 49 years ago! I finally got my first Corvette (2000 Mag red convertible), joined the TCA in 2002, and currently have a 2012 Supersonic Blue Grand Sport coupe sharing shop space with my ’34 Plymouth coupe hot rod (owned 46 years), ’66 Shelby Mustang clone and my current build project - a ’33 Ford roadster with a 348ci Chevy. Having retired in 2014 as a manufacturing industry executive, I now devote my time to family, project cars and motorsports events. Great cars, wonderful friends and memorable activities!

John Alexander

Being born in Dallas and raised in San Antonio, I am a true native Texan. Self employed as an insurance agent for the last 28 years I specialize in Medicare health planning. I have been a car fan for all my driving life. I had a ’57 Chevy in high school (Class of ‘65). One of my good friends in my senior year showed up at the drive-in with a brand new ’65 red ‘Vette convertible. Always envied anyone who owned a ‘Vette.

I am new to the Corvette community, buying my first in 2017. It was a 2009 C6 ZHZ Hertz fun fleet convertible. I am in my fourth ‘Vette in three years with a 2016 Z06 C7R edition. Love to drive them more that show them. Challenging hill country back road drives are the best. Driving and playing with the new friends I’ve met at TCA make the ‘Vette experience all the more fun.


I am a fifth generation Texan who just retired from a 30 year career as an accounting professor and department chair at Trinity University. I discovered and fell in love with the C7 Corvette and have never looked back.  I met some great TCA representatives (the Marazzis, the Pisanos, and the Reads) at Spring Mountain in 2015 and Don and I joined the club soon after. 

Along with Don, I enjoy the friendships, club outings, open road racing, and car shows (especially ours). The head shot is from my Trinity days, because all recent shots have been taken while racing at BBORR, SSCC, or NORC. . . and feature sunglasses and a Simpson Devil Ray helmet!  Lovin' this Corvette life! 


Beverly Callaway
I was born and raised in San Antonio, Tx. I owned my first corvette in 1971 and it was a 1969 L89 427 cu with aluminum heads and 3 two barrels. This turned out to be a very rare and VERY fast car. After that , I went through several makes and models, most being C3s. I now own a 2005 C6 and, as all the ones I owned prior to this, I am in love with it!! I have always had "a need for speed!This goes way back to my teenage years. I have also done my share of drag racing on several different tracks all around Texas.
Marshall and I have one son together and a 3 year old granddaughter and a grandson on the way!! Both Marshall and I have owned quite a few corvettes and he owns a beautiful 2013 Grand Sport. He is seriously looking at getting a C8!! We both hope to be very involved in the club and already feel at home with the club.