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Texas Corvette Association

P O Box 461129   

San Antonio, TX  78246-1129


Our OALs are responsible for notifying members assigned under his/her jurisdiction of all Club events. They also attend the Board of Directors meetings as active participants and represent the members of the Club at these meetings. OALs plan Club activity during their tenure. OALs maintain regular contact with the members under their jurisdiction and encourage participation in Club activities and continued Active membership status in the Club.

Bob graduated from Texas Tech, served 30 years in the Air Force retiring as a Colonel. Works now as a support contractor to DOD developing detection devices for biological agents. With the three children out of the home and married, and he and Sharon bought one of the first C7s in San Antonio. Not much into Corvette details or detailing, but loves driving his Corvette and definitely enjoys the comradery of TCA.

I was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and that’s where I met Gary, 46 years ago. Together we spent over 30 years moving around for his Air Force career. While stationed in Biloxi, MS I trained as a dental assistant and spent over 40 years in the dental profession working in all positions of the dental field except for “dentist”. I retired 2 years ago and have been concentrating on the business I established, Heirloom Veils of San Antonio, making custom wedding veils using vintage jewelry. I also sew and make other things such as steering wheel and air filter covers for newer and classic Corvettes. I have enjoyed being in the TCA and getting to know a whole new set of friends who enjoy their cars. Gary and I also love to travel in our RV and have shared this experience with fellow TCA members who are also RV owners.

 I’m Rick Creekmore, married for 47 years to Cheri. We have two children and five beautiful grandkids. We have a 1964 silver convertible corvette, matching numbers, and a 2011 black convertible 3LT corvette. Cheri and I love to cruise around town enjoying our vets and the super friends we made in the TCA. Served in the Air Force for 28 years as a financial analyst and personal officer. 

I am retired Air Force from Security forces that has bought my retirement home at Medina Lake.  I am also a government contractor with a not for profit company servicing the DoD in the Pacific.  My entry into the Texas Corvette Association began with a simple statement to my neighbor at the time, Jerry Smith, “I’m thinking about getting a Corvette.”  Jerry gave me a tutorial on models and prices, and from there it led to my first Corvette in 2016.  Shortly thereafter (same day I bought the car and showed him), I was given an application to the Texas Corvette Association.  From my first meeting, I was hooked.  The club’s motto of coming for the cars but staying for the people couldn’t be more true for me.  I’ve experienced a fraternity with the club that is unmatched.  I will strive to pay this forward and help the club to reward current and recruited members with the same excitement that I’ve felt and been shown.  It’s truly about the culmination of enjoying the exhilaration of driving a Corvette and the fraternal bond with other owners.  If I can do anything to enhance your experience with the club, please don’t hesitate to ask. 


I bought my first Corvette when I was 21 years old and have owned one almost continuously for over 40 years.  I like to drive them like they were designed to be driven. A few nicks and high mileage tells me the owner has really enjoyed the car.  I’ve been active with the Big Bend Open Road Race for nearly 20 years. While that event is not for everyone, it’s just one of many great activities the TCA is active in. I’ve met my best friends here. Great people!


I’ve known and loved Corvettes for a long time but my guardian insurance man built the fear of huge premiums into me early. It wasn’t until I met Kathleen and we shared a love for Corvettes that the subject ever came up. Since she wouldn’t get on a Harley with me, the compromise was a Corvette. We purchased our Spiral Gray 2004 in June of that year with just 5 miles on it. Since then, we have over 130,000 miles on “Syd”.
We have gone cross country twice and lots of trips in between with our Corvette friends. We’ve done rallies, autocross, Bowling Green, Willow Springs track days, Big Bend and more than one car show. We’ve met some pretty cool people along the way. A great car to meet great people with.


I have a goal to drive my Vette as fast as I landed my airliner – hello Big Bend Open Road Race! I enjoy track and open road racing and my 2003 Coupe is the perfect solution for both. After market exhaust, upgraded struts, harness bar, five point seat belts, fire extinguisher and racing tires completed all the requirements to feed the speedometer gods. TCA provides a great social circle to share road time and adventures with fellow Corvette enthusiasts and more fun than anyone can shake a spare tire at!


It has been a joy to be a member of the TCA community for the past five years.  We've met wonderful people and traveled many miles together in our beloved Corvettes. Our numerous activities, fundraisers, charities, and travels have provided great memories.  I am delighted to be an active member of our organization and strongly encourage all of our members to participate in the various activities. It is a privilege to be on the leadership team.


I am a fifth generation Texan who just retired from a 30 year career as an accounting professor and department chair at Trinity University. I discovered and fell in love with the C7 Corvette and have never looked back.  I met some great TCA representatives (the Marazzis, the Pisanos, and the Reads) at Spring Mountain in 2015 and Don and I joined the club soon after.  Along with Don, I enjoy the friendships, club outings, open road racing, and car shows (especially ours). The head shot is from my Trinity days, because all recent shots have been taken while racing at BBORR, SSCC, or NORC. . . and feature sunglasses and a Simpson Devil Ray helmet!  Lovin' this Corvette life! 


My wife, Kay and I own a 2016 Racing Yellow convertible.  We've previously owned a 2004 convertible and a 1975 coupe. I retired from the oil and gas industry and now we are Great Clips franchisees.  I've been a TCA member for 5 years and it has something for everyone no where your interests lie - Drive and Dines, Car Shows, or special events like the Big Bend open road race.  Come join the fun.