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Texas Corvette Association

P O Box 461129   

San Antonio, TX  78246-1129




Martin Hall
My wife, Krista, and I relocated from Houston to the New Braunfels area following my retirement in 2017. We joined the TCA to enjoy driving our 2019 Torch Red Stingray coupe while attending club activities.  Previously, I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Texas A&I University and subsequently earned a license as a Registered Professional engineer.  I spent the ensuing 45 years working in the Oil & Gas industry on projects in Texas and international locations.  I’ve been a car enthusiast for my entire life and a Corvette lover and owner since a young age. 

The TCA is a “social club” with members from all walks of life that share a passion for owning and driving America’s #1 Sports Car, the Corvette.  In addition to being a social club, our members sponsor many events that support local area charities.  As our motto says, “Come for the cars, stay for the People!”  You’ll meet great people and make new friends at the TCA Drive & Dines, Parades, Bowling Green Caravans, Car Shows, Club Meetings, and our annual TCA Car Show.  When not participating in various TCA activities, I enjoy restoring older Corvettes, attending performance driving schools, playing Tennis & Golf and working out.  It is my privilege to serve the members of this great club by leading the 2020 TCA leadership team.




Andrew Golden 

In 2004, my wife Kathleen and I decided that a Corvette was in our future. It was the end of the hidden headlights for Corvette’s and the local dealers were offering great deals on 2004 Corvettes. We went and looked at one and it became part of our family immediately. At the time, we had one of our daughters off to college and the other was about ready to graduate so getting the Corvette make sense.

So now we have “Syd” and have done so many things with him. We put 100,000 miles on the car when we lived in California and have added another 45,000 since we moved to San Antonio in 2009. The car has crossed the country 4 or 5 times, we’ve done auto-cross, Car Rallies, Bowling Green, Willow Springs track days, Big Bend and more than one car shop.

The best part of owning a Corvette is meeting all of the great people we have come to know, from owners of Corvettes to people who enjoy just looking at Corvettes. The Corvette is really the only car proud enough to be the king of cars.


Bob Unfried

After a 30 years in the Fortune 500 corporate world of manufacturing I retired in 2010. Needing something to keep me busy and being a CPA, I decided to do taxes.  Wanting to fully retire in 2019, sold the tax business and my wife, Deanie, and I are now doing the things retired people do.  Besides keeping up with our three sons and their families...4 grandchildren and another on the way...we are also enjoying travelling, some hobbies and making new friends. 

Additionally, I like doing autocross with my 2006 Mazda Miata, restoring and maintaining my 1977 El Camino and driving my 2019 Mustang Bullitt.  We have owned two corvettes.   A blue 1981 that we sold when Deanie became pregnant.  Currently we have a black 2019 Stingray.  As recent members of the TCA, we are still putting names with please be patient with us.  We were fortunate to make the recent Corvette Caravan to Bowling Green.  Additionally, the Ron Fellows Driving School solidified my relationship with the C7. Thanks for the confidence you have placed in me by selecting me as your Treasurer!  



Kathy Torrey

 I retired with 40+ years civil service from Randolph AFB Tx. I got my first corvette in June 2014, a 2014 torch red stingray. I heard about TCA meeting at Biffs Burger’s on Tuesday’s and went to my first meeting in September. From there I went with TCA to the National Corvette Museum in 2015. Recently, I traded my 2014 for a 2017 admiral blue grand sport. I really enjoying my corvette and all the TCA members that I have meet. I thoroughly enjoyed going to the 25th anniversary of the national corvette museum in August 2019 with TCA and the Corvette Caravan. It definitely was a blast. I am looking forward to going on many more outings and get together and the TCA car show in Boerne, Tx in April 2020.



Gary Blum served as TCA President in 2018 and 2019.  He served 30 years in the Air Force; then another 14 years in AF civil service.  Gary & Lyn have been active members of TCA since 2014 and both have served in a variety of club positions.  As TCA enters its 41st year, we enjoy driving our C6 Atomic Orange Convertible and our C7 Shark Gray Stingray Coupe corvettes and participating in TCA activities!   

Gary is also our 2020 Raffle Car Chairman – a yearlong TCA effort by our club members to raise funds for St Jude’s Ranch for Children.  TCA is a “social club” of 300 terrific people who share a passion for Corvettes – and a commitment to our community through our support of charities in our local area.  As our motto says, “Come for the cars, stay for the people!”

In Addition to the primary board members, our club also have Officers-At-Large (OALs).  Our OALs are responsible for notifying members assigned under his/her jurisdiction of all Club events. They also attend the Board of Directors meetings as active participants and represent the members of the Club at these meetings. OALs plan Club activity during their tenure. OALs maintain regular contact with the members under their jurisdiction and encourage participation in Club activities and continued Active membership status in the Club.  For a list of our Officers-At-Large click here.    Officers-At-Large