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The Texas Corvette Association is celebrating 27 years of car shows as of 2019.  With each car show, we have design a special t-shirt to commemorate the event.  As part of our new web design, we are trying to document our history so it can be enjoyed by past, present and future members of our club. 

Bob Howell was able to retrieve the graphics from the vendors from several past years.  Most of our shirts were designed by Bob! The below designs from 2018 back to 2010 were obtained from the graphic designs used to print the shirts.  

Bob allowed photographs of his collection so that we might display as many of the previous shirt designs as we could to document our history.    The designs for shirts 2005 through 2009 are images from Bob's shirts. 

2018 Design

2017 Design

2016 Design

2105 Design

2014 Design

2013 Design

2012 Design

2011 Design

2010 Design

2009 Design

2008 Design

2007 Design

2006 Design

2005 Design

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