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COVID-19 Policy and Procedures
TCA is implementing the following steps to provide as safe a participation environment as possible. However, safety is also a personal decision.  Therefore, TCA assumes no responsibility over your overall health.  By participating in TCA activities, you do so at your own risk.
1. TCA requires all participants to wear face masks when they are not in their car or seated at a dining table.
2. Event participation will be limited to the venue's seating limit under the COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time of the event.  If the number changes, the allowable participation will change.
3. Registration for all events, including monthly membership meetings, will be handled through the Club calendar.  This has the following benefits:
      * It allows contactless registration
      * It tells the potential participant if there are openings or not.
      * It allows us to quickly modify the number of available openings, either up or down.
4.  Event CEO's will be responsible for providing a high level assessment of your COVID-19 status when you check in for an event.  Do your part please.  If you think you might have COVID-19, or are actively displaying symptoms that you cannot explain (e.g., seasonal allergies) PLEASE STAY HOME.  The CEO can ask you to leave the event.
5. At the venue, TCA will abide by the venue's  requirements.
During the planning phase on an event, the CEO will be responsible for assuring they know the venue's social distancing requirements and look for events that allow a higher level of safety.  Some examples are:
  * Seeing if the venue has outdoor seating with adequate coverage from sun.  Since we are heading into the latter part of the year, I'm hoping temperature will not be as significant a factor.  Eating outside significantly reduces the risk.
  *Shorter drives that would not require use of public facilities
  * Having a limited supply of face masks in case someone forgets theirs.
When we are together, please observe social distancing guidelines.  I know it still feels strange to talk to your friend with 6' of "personal space" but, if this allows more people to feel safe and participate, please do so.
We hope these requirements are a temporary situation.