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Bulverde Car Show

Published on 4/11/2018

The Bulverde car show is an annual event and a few of our TCA members make it a regular event.  The interesting thing about this show are awards trophies.  Rather than a standard plaque or plastic trophy from an awards shop, this show presents "hand crafted show awards."

The awards are due to the creative efforts of SBBLions, Patti and Gary Dawson.  In total, they create 32 Best in Class awards, 32 Class Awards, and 8 Special show awards.  The work that goes into making them includes dumpster-diving to obtain the old car parts, begging repair shops to save parts, traveling to car graveyards looking for parts, acquiring wood to make appropriately-sized bases, and then designing the unique trophies.   Once parts are obtained, they are cleaned, sand blasted, and wire brushed.  The auto parts are then creatively crafted into trophy designs and welded.   Next, custom engraving graphics are designed and they are lasered on an assortment of sanded and finished wooden bases--much of the wood has been harvested from scraps off of local trees.  Finally, the cleaned parts are affixed to the engraved wooden bases; the entire creative process takes about 6 months of concentrated effort to build the 72 awards.   You can see the awards on their website HERE

This year, Tim Meza and Bob Howell won best in class awards.  Don Specht, Linda, Specht and Glen Leonard won class awards.   Don also received the (Most Likely to be Pulled Over) award, which is a non-competitive trophy presented to the vehicle chosen by an experienced, and former law enforcement person as his or her favorite entry. 

Photo by Linda Specht