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Rick's Corner - June Update

Published on 6/28/2018

National Corvette Museum Corner
by Rick Creekmore, NCM Ambassador


The NCM motorsport park is located just across I-65 highway; June 28, 2013 the date ground was first broken; 221 acres when completed

Motorsport Park Overview

  • 3.15 mile full track (2 miles west tract and 1 mile east rack)
  • 23 turns on full track, 4000 foot straight away
  • Control tower, classrooms, fueling station, garages, observation towers,
  • Last year opened NCM Kartplex (18 adult go-karts-up to 50MPH) and now new junior karts for kids
  • Laps
  • Parade laps,50 MPH cost $20 per car up to 20 cars
  • Touring laps, 100 MPH cost $45/car up to 5 cars
  • Hot laps, no MPH limit, cost $100/car, helmet required

Remember to send an email to Rick, when you become an NCM member, purchase NCM insurance, or participate in NCM activities.


  • 2019 Black Coupe, limited to 1,500 tickets, $100, Jun 7, drawing
  • 2019 Arctic White Grand Sport convertible, limited to 1,000 tickets, $200, Jun 21, drawing
  • 2019 Torch Red convertible, unlimited tickets, $10, Sep 18 drawing

NOTE: Purchase tickets at:

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