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Rick's Corner - March Update

Published on 3/11/2019

National Corvette Museum Corner
by Rick Creekmore, NCM Ambassador


Did you know NCM is the only non-profit museum dedicated to a single car.   Each year, on average, $350,000 are donated to the NCM.   Your tax-free $s can be donated by direct contributions, become a member, buy a raffle ticket, volunteer your time, donate a corvette, or purchase the items below for naming opportunities honoring you or your family.

  • NCM corvette raffles limited only Three states
    • Kentucky Gaming license limits sale to only people located in Kentucky, Kansas and Montana
    • Do not have to be a resident but need to purchase tickets on line when physicaly located in these states
    • NCM working very hard to find a way to sell tickets in other states
  • TCA’s 40th anniversary dinner in Bowling Green
    • Thursday Aug 29, 2019 at Mariah’s restaurant, (30th and 35th anniversary also at Maariah’s)
    • Kai Spande, corvette assembly plant manager, guest speaker
    • Cost $33 includes tax and tip
    • Check payable to Noel Osborn, 14203 Vistawood, San Antonio TX 78249

Remember to send an email to Rick, when you become an NCM member, purchase NCM insurance, or participate in NCM activities.

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