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Rick's Corner - October Update

Published on 10/8/2019

National Corvette Museum Corner
by Rick Creekmore, NCM Ambassador


Bowling Green Corvette  Assemble Plant opened in 1981; NCM opened in September 1994; the motorsport park opened in 2007

Aug 26 – 31, 2019 Southern Texas (S-TX) Caravan Overview
To Celebrate the NCM 25th Anniversary (national caravan done every  five years)
  • Day 1: San Antonio leg departs for lunch at Big Cup Eatery the to the Texas Motor Speedway for tours, Night at the Marriott in Ft. Worth Texas
  • Day 2: SA leg joined with Long Star Corvette Club (LSCC) and to Littler Rock AR (party at Bales then 300 people partied at Four Points Sheraton); Houston Leg departs for overnight at Four Points)
  • Day 3: Combined caravan lunch at Wolf Chase Galleria then to Bowling Green
  • Four days of fun including Thursday night Mariah’s to celebrate TCA 40th Anniversary and 200 people Friday night Drive and Dine from NCM to Barren River Lake Resort

7,500 people registered for the caravan and 4,000 regular NCM admissions during the event (11,500 total),

3000 corvettes in 26 caravans across the nation plus another 3000 non-caravan cars (6,000 total)

S-TX:441 registered, 81 TCA members; LSCC 88 cars, Houston 86 cars, SA 56 cars) 230 total(donated back to the NCM $500)

Thank to our caravan committee (Gary Blum, Lyn Blum, Terri Butler, Lou and Maureen Pisano, Kay and Bill Weber)

Remember to send an email to Rick, when you become an NCM member, purchase NCM insurance, or participate in NCM activities.

  • 2019 Arctic White Coupe, limited to 1,000 tickets, $150, Oct 24 drawing
  • 2019Shadow Grey coupe ZR1, limited to 1,500 tickets, $300, Nov 21, drawing
  • 2019 Touch Red coupe, limited to 1,500 tickets, $100, Dec 19 drawing
  • 2020 C8 Black coupe, unlimited tickets, $20, Apr 25 drawing

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