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1973 experimental mid-engine Corvette

 | Published on 1/12/2020
Special Message from the TCA Ambassador for the NCM

Today we have the opportunity to significantly help the National Corvette Museum (NCM) purchase the only existing 1973 experimental mid-engine Corvette which will be on permanent display at the NCM.   Not only will we be helping the NCM purchase the corvette, but our TCA name will be on permanent display at the museum as one of the major sponsors supporting the acquisition of this rare corvette.  Details were presented to our club last night by Amy Hardin, one of the NCM’s directors, are below:

Dr. Sean Preston, NCM CEO, asked the Long Star Corvette Club (LSCC) to be the principal sponsor of the car.  He then asked our TCA and a few other top clubs to also help support the purchase of this corvette.   LSCC and our TCA boards agreed to reach out to membership to help the purchase, maintain and preserve the car—LSCC pledged to raise over a three to five year period $250,000 from its members, TCA pledged to raise $25,000 over three to five years from our members.      (This car has an appraised value of $1 million dollars.  After many months of negotiations the current owner agree to sell the car to the NCM for $600,000) 

I’m asking each member of our Texas Corvette Association to help support this NCM major purchase and forever have our TCA name on display at the NCM as one of the major sponsors.   Facts about the car and photos are attached.   Details on how to help donate and the Statement of Commitment form are also attached.  

Rick Creekmore


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