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Sanderson Schools Are the Big Winners at Big Bend Open Road Race

Published on 4/30/2018

For the past several years, Dan and Debbie Leimbach, Linton and Jan Savage, and others have volunteered both their time and budget to treat the kids of the Sanderson schools with a special "Pizza Lunch" and when possible a little gift bag.  Contributions were generally from the small group of TCA members that participated in the race.  But this year was different.  Debbie shared with the TCA club her passion of this small rural community that opens their arms and hearts to the racers once a year during the Big Bend Road Race.

Upon hearing the story of these underserved schools, the TCA members did what they do best -- they step up to the plate to help fill the need.  This year, Debbie collected a whomping $5,050 towards her school effort for the kids.  Focused on enriching the schools's math and science departments, the teachers Ms. Hershberger and Ms. Johnson intend to use the donation to purchase a 3D color printer available for the entire school.

In addition to the $5050 , TCA racers purchased snacks, drinks, treat bags (which Debbie was told was a HUGE hit) and 66 pizzas. The amount of food was enough to feed the students for 2 days. (Thursday and Friday) plus the administrators pulled out pizzas to send home with students for the weekend. Otherwise some of these students would not have any food.

Debbie said, "The administrators wanted me to tell you what incredible role models you (TCA) are for the students. We do this because we care not for the publicity or because we have to. They also wanted me to relay to you what a huge impact the food has had for the kids. The kids are so surprised that people in San Antonio know about them and really care."

FROM DEBBIE:  And on a personal note, your generosity and support was overwhelming and left me speechless. THANK YOU!!!


2018 Sanderson School Donation